Fellow gamers
We are back !
Welcome to the second edition of “Nexus Warfare 2.0” tournament!

This time the competition is for all North African Region !

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or LoLEsports.

Registration Closes Friday,April 9th at 12:00pm GMT.

All players and communication and team communication in game will be through the tournament Discord, as it is the best way to ensure fair play and have contact with admins when required.

Best Of One, Best of 3 Semi finals; Best of 5 Final
5v5 Tournament Draft
Summoners Rift
Ten minutes of pause time (technical issues only)
The opponent must be informed of these technical issues and the reason for the pause.
The team in the upper side of the bracket (or left side of the match page) will play blue side. The team in the lower side of the bracket (or right side of the match page) will play red side.
Core Rules

All matches will be played using the tournament code that WARENA Admin provides. To get the code, navigate to the bracket and then click on the match that you’re supposed to play. Then copy the code and paste it into the League of Legends game client by clicking play, then selecting custom game, then selecting the trophy icon.
Teams must line up in LCS order.
Team members may be invited to the room as well.
Every team will be given the opportunity to show up to their match, we require that you be online at least 30 minutes prior to your match in order to check-in. If you are not online and checked in at least 15 minutes prior, your team will forfeit. (Exceptions made if game of team goes longer than planned).
Teams will have only 10 minutes to join the game room once it has been created. If a team doesn’t complete 5 players in this time, the team will forfeit and/or be disqualified. If your opponent doesn’t show up or doesn’t start the match in under these 10 minutes, please contact tournament admins in the Discord channel.
If a team suffers a disconnection, the player will be given 10 minutes to reconnect to the game (the team with the disconnection can request for a pause). If they have not reconnected in that time, the team will have to continue playing without that player.
If your team has players that drop out at the last minute, E-subs could be used, however it will be at the discretion of the tournament admin, and your team will forfeit all bans for the first game. Please note the tournament admin does not have to grant the E-sub and you could forfeit the game(s). E-subs MUST fall in the player eligibility listed above. E-subs must be in the official discord.
Teams are allowed to do a Place Holder if it was talked through before going to champion select. If the champion select needs to be restarted due to a bug, the same champions and bans must be kept. Matches can be restarted only if there’s a bug or if the server is unstable, the players must pause the game and contact tournament admins through the Discord channel, then wait for an answer on how to proceed.
All Tournament Admin decisions are Final, there is no further dispute once an admin decision has been made.

All the players must respect The Summoner’s Code and the League of Legends terms of use, any behavior against this rule will be penalized.

Terms of Use:

The Summoner’s Code:
If it is apparent that any manipulations of in-game software is occurring, that team will be banned permanently from any future WARENA events, and any/all information we have regarding this will be forwarded to Riot Games. If a team is caught abusing glitches, bugs, etc., to gain an advantage, they will be disqualified.
Tournament admin decisions are final regarding disputes.
Captains can report their team’s score.

100 Euro RP code for each team member for the winner team
50 Euro RP code for each team member for the second place

The codes will be sent to the mail address of each team member