Esports in MENA region: a growing industry that is breaking into the mainstream

Posted by admin July 7, 2021 in ESPORTS

A few years ago, people did not even know what the term esports stands for, let alone conceiving of the tremendous evolution that this field was going to witness.

Competitive gaming has gone from an underground culture to an industry worth millions of dollars: eSports market revenue is estimated by 1.084$ billion in 2021. Such a tremendous number can only showcase how significantly this market is growing, which is the main reason why people are urged to invest and get their feet into this particular domain.

In MENA, although it is regarded as abnormal to lead a career related to this field, multiple parties are committing day after day and taking action to flourish it. Big companies as well as newly founded ones such as ours, are being more engaged in providing Arabs with a favorable gaming environment, thereby the entire industry will thrive ultimately.

We cannot precisely tell whether esports will be perceived as other sports in our region. Although this is very likely to occur, it is still on condition that major efforts and dedications should be put into making it a noticeable industry.