League Of Legends worlds 2021

Posted by admin October 15, 2021 in ESPORTS

After having one of its greatest starts, rest is a must for the league of legend’s world championship players.Teams from the field of 16 took a collective day of rest today and no tournament games were played in preparation for the event’s second round robin.In the meanwhile Here are some of the biggest highlights from the first round of the group stage competition.

Day #1

The return of the one and only ‘FAKER’ !
2020’s league of legend world championship was just the second edition of the tournament to not feature League’s all-time greatest player: Faker which is not the case for this edition becausethe best League player of our generation made his return to the game’s ultimate tournament like he never left.

The two most recent world champions, head to head
this tournament’s edition kicked off with the most heated game between DWG KIA and FunPlus Phoenix The two former world champions. Despite its high expectations, the opening game of the group stage was one of the most one-sided contests of the day. FunPlus Phoenix was dominated and at no point in the game did DWG KIA relinquish their gold lead. 

Day #2

LCK’s bad luck
After wiping the first day of the tournament clean with four straight wins and despite the Korean squad’s flawless teamwork and performance, the second day was a struggle for these teams.Each of the LCK teams to falter today lost to a champion of a uniquely different region. T1 dropped their contest with LPL champions EDward Gaming, Hanwha Life lost to PSG Talon, and Gen.G  fell at the hands of MAD Lions.

Day #3

The West is suffering 
Since each of six Western teams posted a record below the 0.500 mark during the group stage’s first round robin, this world championship is turning into a nightmare for them.While Fnatic and C9 have yet to win a game, the remaining western teams are having a 1-2 record through the first round of the group stage competition.In the meanwhile, the dominance is held by Eastern major region teams, with LPL and LCK representatives holding a combined 11-1 advantage in games played against teams from the LEC and LCS.

Road to the all-time record for highest KDA at Worlds
Through the three first days of the World Championship, ShowMaker, DWG KIA mid laner ended up with a perfect 35.0 KDA with three different champions over that span which means he is nearly halfway to the all-time record for highest KDA at Worlds. SK Telecom AD carry Bang once held a 73.0 KDA in the quarterfinals of 2015’s tournament. 
What’s coming up next?
Tomorrow will be the kick-off of the second round of the group stage competition, and once it starts the pace won’t have the chance to slow down. Each group will play all of their remaining scheduled games on one, respective, single day from here on out.