League of Legends World finals on the big screens !

Posted by admin November 1, 2021 in ESPORTS

Each day goes by, brings us closer to the day League of legends fans are waiting for: THE GRAND FINAL, which will take place on November the 6th.

We all remember the 2019 League of Legends World Championship where a number of cinemas across Europe broadcasted the finals between G2 Esports and Chinese team Fun Plus Phoenix. More than 45 cinemas broadcasted the 2019 finals in Spain alone, with dozens more across Europe joining the movement.

After seeing the massive success and hype of this initiative, and since the coronavirus wave started fading, game developer Riot Games has announced that the finals of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship will be lived again in cinemas.

The distribution company Piece of Magic and American theatre company National Amusements played a huge role in making this project possible.Therefore, more than 70 cinemas across Europe will be hosting the finals on their big screen on November the 6th. Tickets are already available on the official website for the event. However, as with every year, finals will still be available on known streaming platforms such as TWITCH.