Battlefield 2042 hazard zone: EA’s jackpot?

Posted by admin October 15, 2021 in GAMING

Despite its huge beta appreciation, today, October the 14th might be a decisive day for battlefield 2042’s future.Most of the multiplayer fans of this franchise approved the EA’s newborn yet a huge amount of players are waiting for today’s battlefield 2042’s battle royal, a genre which had gained recent widespread popularity, reveal trailer which will be called ‘hazard zone’ and based on it we will be able to tell how bright this new game’s future.
What also makes this day very crucial and important for Battlefield 2042 is the massive failure of its predecessor’s Battle Royal ‘Firestorm’, a failure that was admitted by EA’s CEO himself On February 5, 2019.
Rumors say that ‘Hazard Zone’ will be a mix of Escape from Tarkov, and Hunt: Showdown, two games with perma-death, where players compete against each other and the AI to finish an objective and extract. However, nothing is confirmed yet.
Will this new mode be able to make the success that its predecessor failed to make?
Will it be a worthy rival for warzone?What will be the future of the game if this mode doesn’t meet the player’s expectations?
And the questions go on … Let’s wait and see.